Now on Show, in Shanghai

Added on by Tiger Cai.

It's the exhibition season in Shanghai now. As a part of the annual celebration to the art and culture in the city, Tiger has multiple on-going exhibitions and events on show in several venues all over Shanghai. 

From Sept 10th to Sept 20th, a three-person-show, including most of the recent video arts, installations and experimental films of Tiger Cai, is now on exhibition in Duolun Museum of Modern Art. The show, which name is The Way of Seeing, presents video art work and moving-image based arts from Tiger and his fellow New York artists, Sinan Tuncay and Lily Yiyi Chan. The three-person-show turns the museum space into a unique force field for 3 artists' work to challenge each other as well as create conversation through the language of video art. It's a visual/art experience you shouldn't have missed for this autumn, if you're in Shanghai. 

For more information of the show, please visit the official website of the museum:

Art in the City festival special event BLAST! will be continue on show in couple of most celebrated art locations in the city. As a winner of the event's open call, Tiger's experimental animation, Tower of Sand, can now be viewed at following venues during the listed time: 

chi K11 Art Museum, Sept 5th - Oct 10th

M50 Creative Park, Sept 10th - Oct 9th

CREATER SPACE, Sept 10th - Oct 9th

CITIC PLAZA, Sept 10th - Oct 9th

THE MIX PLACE, Sept 15th - Oct 7th

MoCA Pavilion, Sept 16th - Sept 18th

Le Royal Meridien Shanghai HU BAR & LOUNGE, Sept 23rd - Sept 24th

For more information, please see: